Saturday, May 29, 2010

WebCom Part 2

Sean Power, Communilytics

Communilytics, is the analysis of how specific information flow through online communities. In his presentation, Sean encouraged us to look a the numbers at a deeper level than simple page-views or the number of followers. But before we can mount a successful campaign, we have to decide what we want the accomplish with that campain: make more money, gain attention/recognition, or improve our reputation. How deeply we want to get involved in the community we're targeting (whether we want to search, join, moderate or run it) will affect which tools and technologies to use. There are 8 social platforms(group/mailing list, forum, real-time chat, social network, blog, wiki, ), with different dynamics, and each can be addressed at different levels of implication. The metrics, then, will depend on the tools used. Each business is different, we know best what's right for our business.

He also brought up the AARRR model by Dave McClure: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue.

He then gave some examples of how information flows through communities. When one person posts a tweet, their followers see it, But if it's a tweet of interest, the recipients may want to let their followers know about it, and re-tweet it. The reach of a message, then is the followers, those who receive the message as a retweet, and those who receive the retweet retweeted, etc. But some people may cross cross social platform - they may put a tweet on Facebook, or send it through email.

This presentation is where I also found out the format definition of "going viral". That's when the average number a person tells the message to is greater than one. (So on average, everyone who gets this message will forward it).

To get a wide reach, sometimes the best way is to find a few seeds who, because of their respectability and following, will insure a wide, receptive audience for the message. The sites Twinfluence, tweetreach and TwitterAnalyer can help find out the reach of tweeter user and messages.

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