Sunday, June 27, 2010

Unordered notes from the RoCoCo unconference in Montreal this weekend

I decided to attend the Recent Changes Camp 2010: Montreal
Here are a few notes I made for myself, and that I'm sharing now, at least until I get around to writing a proper entry:

Wikis (well, wiki software) could be a way to implement addventure (a "you are the hero" collaborative story telling game originally written by Allen Firstenberg). Wiki red links are very much like "this episode has not been written yet".

Wikis synthesize (focus), where forums divide (or disperse in their focus).

Ontology vs folksonomy.

Look into:
Inform 7
Universal Edit Button
Semantic web; the semantic triple: [subject, predicate, object]
Resource Definition Framework (RDF), SPARQL (query language for RDF)
Google wheel

To read:
The wisdom of crowds

I also got to lead a session (which is a lot easier than you might expect since all the participants are interested in the topic anyway - or they leave, and because they participate willingly). And we started a new project!

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